Butterfly Sleeved Blouse - 11613924

Butterfly Sleeved Blouse - 11613924

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Product Code: 11613924
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Butterfly sleeved blouse are one of the fashion blouses that are selling at our online boutique. The blouse is in purple color, made from silk and is low cut in the neck and the hands are three quarter sleeved, with a design of a butterfly. The sleeves are designed in such a way that they have some cuts with them and have some design of beads with them.

It is fashionable and designed to shape your body. It can be worn with an official trouser, jeans or skirt. The accessories that can be accompanied by the blouse include a neck chain that can be beaded and or a plain one with a pendant. You can also put on a bangle as a compliment to the blouse. Make your hair in such a way that it will reveal your neck and expose the beauty of your neck.

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