Butterfly Sleeved Blouse - 11613922

Butterfly Sleeved Blouse - 11613922

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Product Code: 11613922
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Butterfly sleeved blouse are amongst the trendy blouses which are selling at our fashion store. The sleeves are made in a manner that they've some cuts and also have some kind of beads along.  It is made from silk, in while color, low cut in the neck, the hands are 3 quarter sleeved, along with a butterfly design.

It is stylish and is also made in a manner to form your whole body; they usually are worn with an official jeans, skirt or trouser. Design your hair in such a manner that it'll show your neck as well as reveal the beauty of your neck. The add-ons which can be coupled with the blouse are a bangle as a balance to it. It's also possible to wear are a neck chain which might be handmade as well as a plain as with a pendant.

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