About Us

Why FashionKins.com is started?

Everyone knows that online boutique fashion store is not new in Malaysia. The ideal of FashionKins was started with the frustration on getting good quality products for our own self at the best price. We often receive bad quality of product when purchase from the online boutique. Although we can check the product if buying from actual shop, but it always very expenses. It may due to their expensive shop rental fee and other necessary operating expenses.

From there, we started to discuss the business which can bring all the valued in fashion clothes shopping experience; lots of product choices, branded product and at the lowest price.

The challenges and our final goal...

After months of research and preparation especially sourcing out the right supplier, FashionKins is born to serve all Malaysian. We are still young but we are passionate at our business. In fact we like fashion and always hunt for nice and good quality clothes (Yes... I am sure this is common for the girls ;p). Profit is not our mission. Shopping experience and getting the good quality and nice design is our main target. We always think from consumer point of view instead of typical business man. 

We are here to share our business model which can help everyone to purchase latest trend, high-quality, valuable clothing and fashion product such as dresses, jackets, pants, skirts and tops in Malaysia. We aim to provide reliable, high quality and convenient online shopping experience to all Malaysian.